11KV Outgoing Panel with draw out type vacuume circuit breaker, 630A, 25KA, BIL 95KV, One minute power frequency withstand voltage 36KV, C.T. Ratio 400:200/5/5A, complete with over current and earth fault relay CDG61, DC supervision relay along with DC healthy lamp, 3 phase 4 wire energy meter for energy metering, moving iron type ampere meter, moving iron type power factor meter, On Off push button and indication lamps, DP and TP control MCB for AC & DC auxiliary voltage controls, Trip coil 110 V DC, Closing coil 110 V DC, Anti pumping feature, Spring chargin motor 220 V AC, insulators and 99.9% pure tine coated copper bus bar arrangement covered with heat shrinkable insulation tubing, Cable termination pads, Earthing ball arrangement for earthing kit, Explusion vents and Protection class IP3X. The Panel is supplied as per PEPCO/WAPDA specification P-44:96 amended upto date and IEC standards.